Melbourne's Leading Commercial Carpet Installation Service


Our commercial carpet installation professionals handle every aspect of your commercial carpet installation in Melbourne. We ensure all the required floor preparation is carried out and the correct specified adhesives are used for carpet tile installations.  Our professional commercial carpet layers will ensure that carpet tiles are installed to Australian Standards that will minimise any issues with the carpet tiles down the track.

We have extensive experience across all sectors of the commercial carpet market, including carpet installations for schools, office carpet, healthcare carpet, and carpet installations for hotels and clubs.

Our Melbourne carpet installation team comprises only experienced and reliable commercial carpet layers in Melbourne. We help you choose the right design and make the carpet installation process hassle-free. Workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years.

More than that, Carpet Logistics also provides project management services for all residential and commercial carpet projects.

The Carpet Logistics carpet installation team have been accredited with our in-house CARPETsafe training program, incorporating strict OH&S requirements.


Commercial Carpet Project Management

Carpet Logistics provides a project management service for large scale residential and commercial carpet projects in Melbourne. Our Project Managers will oversee every aspect of the project from planning and installation of commercial carpet and carpet tiles. By ensuring that all work is carried out by our own team of qualified commercial carpet installers we can ensure a high level of quality control.

Our commercial carpet Project Management team carefully schedule and track all aspects of each project to minimise disruption to your business during refurbishment projects and avoid delays during multi-stage construction projects.

Our team of over 30 highly trained, professional commercial carpet layers have completed many large scale projects in Melbourne across the education, corporate, healthcare, retail and residential sectors.


F&Qs about Commercial Carpet Installations

What parts of Melbourne do your carpet installers service?

Our commercial carpet layers install commercial carpet and carpet tiles throughout all the metropolitan Melbourne area, including – Knoxfield, Ferntree Gully, Wantirna, Berwick, Narre Warren, Cranbourne, Glen Waverley, Mt Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Nunawading, Croydon, Ringwood, Yarra Valley, Lilydale, Mt Evelyn, Eltham, Diamond Creek, Hawthorn, Balwyn, Canterbury, Burwood, Ashburton, Glen Iris, Camberwell, Malvern, Toorak, Kew, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Docklands, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Caulfield, Elsternwick, Bentleigh, Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Mornington Peninsula, Mt Eliza and many more suburbs.


How much does it cost to have carpet installed?

This will depends on a number of factors, including the area to be carpeted, weight of the carpet, whether we are laying broadloom carpet or carpet tiles, the carpet underlay, the extent of sub-floor preparation work required, whether you are carpeting stairways, whether you need existing floor coverings removed, whether your  office has furniture that will need to be moved.  Whilst carpet tiles can be a more expensive option than commercial broadloom carpet, they can provide greater flexability and longtevity.

Our Melbourne service team will provide a price per metre of carpet, inclusive of the carpet underlay that you decide to use.  Our minimum carpet installation charge is $250.


How long does it take to have carpet installed?

This will depend on the size of your commercial project and whether we are limited to installing your commercial carpet out of normal office hours.   Larger and more complex commercial projects may take longer to complete the carpet installation.


What are the advantages of installing carpet tiles in offices?

When upgrading and fitting out your new office, there are many options for carpeting your office floor.  Carpet tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option for offices in Melbourne.

  1. The installation process is quite simple, and carpet tiles provide great flexibility.  They give you the option of partial coverage or full coverage. The tiles can fit almost any room or office seamlessly as well.   Each tile is placed individually, so there’s plenty of room to change if required. 
  1. Another great advantage of installing carpet tiles in your office is how durable they are. They’re designed for high-traffic areas, so you can have a high volume of foot traffic. Carpet tiles are also easy to maintain.  Carpet tiles can also be replaced much more easily in offices than traditional carpet.
  1. Carpet tiles are generally easy to install. Laying carpet tiles in an office is also relatively non-invasive as the tiles use a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  1. Installing carpet tiles in your office provides great versatility as each tile is installed individually. This provides the option of mixing pattern and colours rather than sticking to one style for all your entire office carpet. You can be creative, mixing and matching as you please to brighten the office up even more. You might prefer one pattern of carpet tiles by the desk area but prefer another type of carpet tile in the passages.


How should carpet tiles be installed in an office area?

There are two different ways to install carpet tiles — you can choose full coverage or just partial coverage.  Full coverage involves the carpet tiles being installed wall to wall, like broadloom carpet.   The advantage is that you get a consistent look while not having to worry about measuring and

Another option for installing carpet tiles is partial coverage. Depending on your office, it might not make sense to carpet the entire floor. You could choose to put carpet tiles down in the offices and leave the common areas with hardwood floors, as an example.   


What are the benefits of cushion backing on carpet tiles?

There’s more to cushion backing on your office carpet tiles than comfort alone.

  1. Cushion backing plays an important role in extending the life of your carpet tiles. The problem with hard-backed carpet tiles, is that the fibres directly absorb the impact of foot traffic in an office environment. This will damage the fibres over time and causes the appearance of your office carpet to degrade. Cushion backing helps to absorb some of the impact of office foot traffic, reducing damage and wear to the commercial carpet’s fibres.
  1. Effective Moisture Management. Cushion-backed carpet tiles can help negate many of the problems associated with sub-floor moisture, which can be an issue in many office environments.  The cushion backing allows for sub-floor moisture to travel through the carpet backing and evaporate away at the seams of each carpet tile.  In contrast hard-backed carpet tiles will trap moisture.
  1. Comfort and acoustics – cushion-backed office tiles provide greater underfoot support, as well as providing acoustic benefits to the office, reducing ambient noise, and minimizing sound vibrations.


How should carpet be installed to ensure the best result?

It is important that all carpet is professionally installed in accordance with Australian Standards. All carpets should ideally be power stretched, otherwise some wrinkling may occur.  When installing carpet tiles, our professional carpet layers will ensure that the necessary floor preparation is completed before the carpet tiles are installed.  Our carpet layers offer the option of vacuuming all jobs on completion, which also gives them another opportunity to check the joins and other details of the job.  


What types of carpet do your carpet layers install?

Our professional carpet layers have experience installing all types of commercial carpets from standard twist, loop pile and plush carpets, to specialist high-end wool carpets, including Axminster carpet.    We deal with all the major commercial carpet manufacturers, including Interface carpet tiles, Brintons, Victoria Carpets, Godfrey Hirst and Feltex.  We pride ourselves on our expert carpet installers. All jobs are meticulously planned to minimise joins and maximise the life and wear of your new carpet.   All carpets are installed according to the Australian Standards by our own fully qualified and insured carpet layers.


Do you install commercial carpet?

Our Melbourne carpet installation team have extensive experience with all types of commercial carpet projects, including carpet for offices, carpet for retails stores and carpet for schools and the educational sector.  Commercial carpet jobs typically require a specialised approach, including sub-floor preparation and project management, to ensure disruption to your business is minimised.  Our team of Melbourne carpet layers specialise in installing all types of commercial carpet, including any type of carpet tiles to a range of commercial broadloom carpets.  We deal with all of the major commercial carpet manufacturers, including Victoria Carpets, Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, Interface and Brinton’s. 


What carpet underlay should I use?

A carpet underlay is the layer of cushioning that is installed underneath your carpet.  Whilst the underlay may not be able to be seen, the quality, cushioning and insulation attributes of the carpet underlay are paramount in ensuring the feel and performance of your carpet.

One consideration for carpet underlay is the thickness to choose, foam underlay being generally available in 7mm up to 12mm thicknesses.  A 7mm standard quality foam underlay such as Airstep Stepezy would be considered a budget price option, whereas a high density 8mm to 12mm, such as Airstep Stepmax and Steplux would be regarded as more premium options, to give great support to your new carpet.

The main types of underlay are foam and rubber, with foam underlay become increasingly popular and cost effective in recent years.

Carpet Logistics can supply all the most popular carpet underlays from both Airstep and Dunlop Flooring. 


Do you remove existing carpet / floor coverings?

Our Melbourne carpet installers will remove your existing floor coverings from your office and dispose of it off site.  The cost of old carpet take-up and removal will be provided upfront when you book in your carpet installation with our team.


What happens to furniture when you are installing commercial carpet in the office?

Whilst many carpet installers will shy away from jobs that require removing furniture, our Melbourne team of carpet installers include a number of two-man teams, who can carefully move your office furniture and return it to position once the carpet has been installed.


What happens if there is an issue with the office carpet installed?

Whilst our carpet installers take every care to ensure that your commercial carpet has been installed correctly, there can be issues that may be missed during the process of the carpet being installed.  Don’t stress though, as our Melbourne customer service team will arrange a warranty call and follow-up in no time.

Top Tips for Selecting Carpet Tiles


Selecting commercial carpet is a much more detailed process than purchasing carpet for your home. In addition to budget and style there are a range of practical considerations when selecting carpet tiles.

To help you select commercial floor carpet that's the best fit for your business, you should consider the following factors.


1. Choose Suitable Carpet Tiles

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for carpet tiles: if your business has a large head count and heavy foot traffic, you'll have different requirements than a small office used by a handful of staff.

All commercial carpet in Australia has an ACCS rating, that specifies the carpets suitable use (e.g. Commercial Extra Heavy Duty & Stairs).  Different classifications are suitable for different uses, so be sure to select carpet tiles with an ACCS rating that suits your organization's requirements.


2. Focus on more than just Aesthetics

Commercial carpet is a major factor in the overall look and image of a space.  However, if you want your office carpet to look good over an extended period, you need to factor in more than just the colour and design. 

Carpet tile backings are a major factor when selecting commercial carpet tiles.  With hardback carpet tiles, all the pressure of foot traffic is borne by the carpet fibres, which get bent or crushed underfoot.   On the other hand, with cushion backed carpet tiles, the cushion compresses under foot traffic, protecting the carpet's fibres, and its overall appearance, from wear and tear.


3. Consider the Carpet Tile Installation Process

Many commercial carpet installers will provide you with a fixed cost for carpet installation. However, with changes in the carpet manufacturing process, you can now select products that eliminate many traditional installation costs, including:

  • Adhesive removal – this can be an incredibly labour-intensive and costly process for the carpet layer to prepare your sub-floor for a new commercial carpet installation.
  • Subfloor preparation - most carpet tiles can show all the bumps and inconsistencies in the subfloor if the carpet layers does not complete appropriate floor preparation. Our professional commercial carpet installers will apply a skim coat to the subfloor to level out any unevenness.


4. Buy Additional Carpet Tiles

One of the many advantages of carpet tiles is that they're easy to spot-replace when damaged or marked.  So, we strongly recommend that you always purchase extra carpet tiles for down the track.   


5. Consider the Lifetime Cost of your Commercial Carpet

Over the lifetime of office carpet, your original purchase price becomes less important.  For commercial carpet installation alone, the cost differences between seemingly similar carpet tiles can be astounding.   The floor preparation and commercial carpet installation costs dwarf the product price, so even if you save a few dollars per square metre on your initial purchase, that cost will become insignificant over time.


6. Carpet Weight and Durability

A common error is to assume that the weight plays a significant role in determining the commercial carpet durability, however this is not necessarily the case.  High pile products will have a high weight but can be less durable than carpet tiles with shorter piles, as the shorter fibres are less likely to get crushed underfoot.


7. Consider Carpet Tile Acoustic Attributes

If your staff spend a lot of time on their feet, you should consider using carpet tiles with greater underfoot comfort.   Cushion-backed carpet tiles use the same material found in high-performance sports shoes and can also block out ambient noise levels around your office.  This is especially important for offices with large, open-plan spaces.


8. Modular Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles can provide design flexibility to create a unique look for your office, providing options with patterns and colours, not typically available with traditional commercial carpet.  You can usually install modular carpet tiles in a variety of ways depending on the look you are trying to achieve for your office space.