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Whether you are a retailer, importer or manufacturer of carpet, outsourcing your storage function to Carpet Logistics can save you significant amount in overheads, not to mention the hassles of running your own warehouse. Outsourcing your warehousing also allows you to only pay for storage when products are sold. Further, by reducing the footprint of your retail space you may be able to relocate to a higher profile retail location.

If you have your own Melbourne carpet installer team you can still utilise our unique Store and Cut service, where we will take delivery of your carpet from the manufacturer, cut the carpet and have your installers collect it from our Knoxfield carpet warehouse. Best of all you will only pay for the service when the job has been despatched ready to be installed.

Carpet Logistics has developed our own proprietary software system to provide detailed stock reporting on all products in storage. You can even ask us to monitor your forward bookings and reorder underlay as required.

Our service includes:

  1. Storage of carpet, timber, vinyl and underlay
  2. Despatch carpet, timber, vinyl and underlay onto your installers vans, along with the job sheet/plan.
  3. Provision bins for the dumping of old carpets, vinyl and underlay.
  4. Stock reporting and monitoring of minimum inventory levels.
Installation Services

You Can Save $100,000+ in Overheads by Outsourcing to our Carpet Warehouse

Aside from the hassles and hard work involved, have you ever stopped and counted the actual cost of running your work-room…

  • Storeman plus on-costs - $50,000 - $75,000
  • Equipment and maintenance - $10,000 - $15,000
  • Additional rent - $30,000+

Total Potential Savings = $90,000 to $120,000+

Not convinced yet?

Have you thought about a succession plan for your business, or perhaps selling it one day? Who on earth from outside the flooring trade would want to take over running a work-room in addition to the daunting challenge of taking on a new industry? Your carpet retail business would be far more saleable if you were only selling the retail component, as who wants to run a carpet installation and carpet workroom business?

Well the good news is that Carpet Logistics love doing all the things that you would prefer to avoid. You will save on your overheads, as we only charge a small fee when your jobs go out. You can choose to use our installation service or continue using your own team (i.e. only use the Store & Cut service). Either way you will have our carpet installation team of over 20 Melbourne carpet installers at your disposal when you need a hand.

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